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Neumaier Translations is your language service provider for professional translation and localization, with a focus on international marketing communications. No matter if they start in Buenos Aires, Paris, or Mumbai, ideas, products, and services from all corners of the globe should be understood perfectly in the German market. And that perfect understanding is exactly what our expert translations make possible. 

Ute Neumaier holds a degree in professional translation and is at home in four languages and cultures. She lives and works in Argentina, Brazil, India, and Germany — among others!

What does that mean for you? Neumaier Translations provides translations in three language pairs.

  • Spanish to German translation
  • English to German translation
  • French to German translation

Do you need to have a Spanish product description or French brochure translated into German? Or an English to German website translation? We will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote.


professional translation and localization:

the right way to translate a website

Different countries, different customs — the world isn’t such a village after all. Target markets in a new country can be very different from the original market for which the product or service was developed. To successfully transfer the marketing language from one culture to another, translation always needs to include a touch of localization. 

Are you looking for someone to translate a website? Ute Neumaier, head of Neumaier Translations, knows what really matters when it comes to professional translation and localization. For example:

  • translating idioms so that they make sense in the other culture — because, in Germany, it might “rain buckets,” but it should never “rain cats and dogs”
  • changing the format of telephone numbers, units of measure, times, and dates to suit the new target market — which is especially important in website translation
  • incorporating linguistic and cultural aspects of the target market into the text — so potential customers aren’t suddenly “lost in translation”

quality assurance

with terminology management

Consistent terminology, linguistic style, and quality are essential — especially for large volumes of text or follow-ups to previous translations. Using state-of-the-art translation memories, we can easily reference  our entire database of completed translation projects, which saves time and also guarantees consistent corporate wording. In addition, it prevents us from needlessly translating the same text twice if it appears in multiple projects. Neumaier Translations works with the industry-leading translation software SDL Trados Studio and the translation memory software Wordfast.

Are you looking for language fanatics for your translation & localization project?

You found us — Neumaier Translations!

Ute Neumaier looks forward to your call or email.