Georg Christoph Lichtenberg


freestyle creative translation

Why exactly are international advertising slogans in many countries around the world still found in English? And why is it so tricky to translate the Spanish cursing in an Argentinian film into natural-sounding German?

It’s because a creative concept has a unique emotional and rational appeal in its original language. And because transferring this emotional tonality to a different target audience with confidence and panache poses a particular creative and linguistic challenge.

It is with good reason that transcreation is also thought of as “freestyle creative translation.” “Trans” is short for “translation”, while “creation” refers to the process of creative copywriting. Transcreation needs both elements to be successful: the translator’s clear, analytical mind and the copywriter’s linguistic creativity and content-related savvy.

advertising translation:

I’ll take transcreation, please!

Conveying an image and generating sales — marketing and advertising texts have an important job to do. And it takes a savvy language expert to prepare a marketing message for its debut on the international stage. 

A great deal of work goes into developing the company claims, slogans, and headlines in the original language, and advertising translation is just as labor-intensive. The creative translation process required to transcreate them for a new target market demands in-depth knowledge of the brand and industry, intercultural competency, creativity, and linguistic talent.

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