Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

think global


translate local

Neumaier Translation’s text adaptation service ensures that the messages you need to convey in your intercultural marketing are well received by the target audience. Our motto is “think global, translate local.” In text adaptation, the translator alters the text as needed if a traditional translation of the source text would be unsuitable for the new target market, whether for cultural or linguistic reasons. This makes it especially well-suited to marketing translation. 

For example: the friendly hotel owner in Papua New Guinea thinks differently than the German photographer, who is researching hotels online before traveling to the island for a photography assignment. For a website translation from English into German, the text adaptation needs to meet the following criteria: 

  • It takes the cultural background and regional characteristics of the source text into account. 
  • It adapts the unique cultural and linguistic elements of the source text to suit the culture and language of the target market.
  • It incorporates any necessary marketing elements, such as the hotel’s desired corporate image or the hotel’s core brand idea in Papua New Guinea.

documentation and back-translation for text adaptations

Have you booked an English to German text adaptation with Neumaier Translations, and are now asking yourself why some parts of the marketing translation differ from the source text? We will be happy to document and clarify the reasoning behind the adaptations. This will allow you to clearly understand the linguistic and cultural factors behind the creative translation. If a customer does not speak German, we are happy to provide a back-translation of the adapted target text in English for their convenience. 

Are you interested in a text adaptation of a website, brochure, product description, or anything else? Ute Neumaier has the expertise you need to make your project a success.